Friday, July 3, 2009

Types of Bodies of Water (Anyong Tubig)

1. Ocean - a major body of saline water that, in totality, covers about 71% of the Earth's surface.
Karagatan - ang pinakamalaking anyong tubig alat na bumubuo ng 71% ng ibabaw ng mundo.

Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Southern Ocean

2. Sea - a large expanse of saline water connected with an ocean, or a large, usually saline, lake that lacks a natural outlet. In common usage, often synonymous to ocean.
Dagat - malaking anyong tubig alat at karugtong ng karagatan.
South China Sea
Celebes Sea

3. River - a natural waterway usually formed by water derived from either precipitation or glacial meltwater, and flows from higher ground to lower ground.
Ilog - isang mahaba at makipot na anyong tubig, nagmula ito sa maliit na sapa at itaas ng bundok o burol.

4. Gulf - a part of a lake or ocean that extends so that it is surrounded by land on three sides, similar to, but larger than a bay.
Golpo - bahagi ang golpo ng dagat o karagatan at karaniwang napapalibutan ng lupa sa tatlong .Karaniwan itong nasa bukana ng dagat.
Lingayen Gulf
Panay Gulf

5. Lake - a body of water or other liquid, but usually freshwater, of considerable size contained on a body of land.
Lawa - isang anyong tubig na napapaligiran ng lupa at pangkaraniwang tubig tabang. Hindi umaagos ang tubig na nagmumula sa anyong tubig na ito.
Caliraya Lake
Laguna Lake

6. Bay - an area of water bordered by land on three sides.
Look - isang malaking bahagi ng katubigang papasok sa kalupaan.

7. Spring - a point where groundwater flows out of the ground, and is thus where the aquifer surface meets the ground surface
Bukal - tubig na nagmula sa ilalim ng lupa.

8. Strait - a narrow channel of water that connects two larger bodies of water, and thus lies between two land masses.
Kipot - Isang makitid na daang-tubig na nag-uugnay sa dalawang malaking anyong tubig tulad ng dagat o karagatan.

9. Waterfall - a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation as it flows over a steep region or a cliff.
Talon -
Bumabagsak na tubig pababa mula sa ilog o sapa na karaniwang nasa mataas na lugar o bundok.
Maria Cristina Falls

10. Brook - a small stream that’s continuously flowing.
Batis - Ilug-ilugan o saluysoy. Patuloy na umaagos.

11. Stream - a body of water with a detectable current, confined within a bed and banks.
Sapa - Maliit na anyong tubig na may agos. Kadalasang natutuyo pag tag-init.

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